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Yesterday I went to Olympic Forest Park in Beijing to make a few live recordings with some guys from various bands in Beijing.

Wang Xiu on percussion  (The Gar/White Plus)

Yan Shuai & Li on percussion and electric guitar (Da Bang)

Quan Xin on resonator guitar (Chaos/Mii/Xin Ma You Jiang)


Myself on pipa

The trees were full of cicadas and no one gave us any trouble.  Should post some excerpts at a later date, but I have a feeling this might be a reoccurring thing.  

thruoutin Noise Arcade Shanghai Tour 2014 →

今年我去上海巡演,带了我的朋友livebeijingmusic_北京现场音乐 (Will). 他做了一个视频关于我和NoiseArcade 的上海演出。

Earlier this year I went to Shanghai with Noise Arcade. We brought our buddy Will along and he made a really great video about the tour.

Yesterday we arrived in the ghost city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia.  Wang Shengnan and I did sound check on a pretty professional stage despite the fact that we are out in the grasslands.  There are bands from all over China and the world here as a part of an event called the Ordos World Music Carnival.  We go on at around 7:30 tonight.

Tomorrow night at What Bar we will be releasing the next issue of Jingweir.  There will be performances by Kidd Wizz (USA), Dee (CHINA) and The Twenties (CHINA).  Come and get a copy.

明天晚上在老what酒吧 京味儿杂志会发新的一部。会有试验电子家Dee ,美国ELECTRO的KIDD Wizz和北京独立乐队TheTwenties乐队的演出。大家都来拿一个杂志。

BYOB Beijing 2014
My song “Back to the Patio” as the background music for the BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) event a couple weeks ago in Beijing. Visual artists showcased their works in the alleyways of the old city.

Yes yes yes!  TOE is coming to Beijing!
【New Noise 盛情呈现】日本前卫器乐名团 TOE 京沪专场 !9月4日 北京@愚公移山9月5日 上海@maolivehouse上海 相信所有喜欢器乐摇滚和后摇滚的歌迷对TOE的专场已经同我们一样,期待了太久!他们神秘莫测的和弦与不加矫饰饱含情感的现场呈现另全球乐迷都为之着魔! 豆瓣活动:

Yes yes yes!  TOE is coming to Beijing!

【New Noise 盛情呈现】日本前卫器乐名团 TOE 京沪专场 !9月4日 北京@愚公移山9月5日 上海@maolivehouse上海 相信所有喜欢器乐摇滚和后摇滚的歌迷对TOE的专场已经同我们一样,期待了太久!他们神秘莫测的和弦与不加矫饰饱含情感的现场呈现另全球乐迷都为之着魔! 豆瓣活动:

Music Video Extras in Beijing

Our friend Bryan is shooting a music video. Want in?

Want to be an extra in a music video? This Saturday is your chance!
Where: 海淀黄庄Haidianhuangzhang subway station (line 4 and 10).
When: Saturday at 1:00 pm.
What else: The video will be shot in the subway (think Michael Jackson’s BAD, but in Beijing), so we’ll have to work fast to avoid being asked to stop by the staff. The whole thing should take 1 hour. The scene involves a bunch of people (you) wearing headphones and dancing. So be sure to bring a pair of headphones (the big kind, not earbuds).

All participants will get a copy of the video e-mailed to you, your name in the credits, an awesome story to tell your friends, and no money:)
If interested, please contact:
沙发 (Bryan)

Thanks! and 谢谢!

六月底一场主客不分的灯光派对- 创想计划 | The Creators Project | 科技时代的创意革命 →

Video my friend Michelle did for VICE China with one of my songs “Back to the Patio”. This was a fresh event and I am glad I was able to be a part of it.

The event showcased artists focusing on moving elements and some with sound.  This is a recap of a great night in the Hutongs of Beijing’s art district, Dashilan.

today and tomorrow

July’s been a pretty eventful month so far with lots of studio time at the Jingweir towers for the new Li Daiguo/arm trick/thruoutin collab album.

Tonight I head to the suburbs of Beijing’s Tongzhou to play at the underground punk club, DMC, with my new math-rock band Mammals. 

Tomorrow Chinese pop sensation, Wang Shengnan, and I head to another Chinese music festival in Jiangsu province.  

It’s gonna be jam packed.  Pics soon.

My sister’s work.

Michele Seippel is a one-of-a-kind, truly innovative artist and her episode kicks off four episodes that were filmed at Subterranea Collective in Richmond, VA in conjunction with Good Day RVALuke Rabin, and Nelly Kate. Spurred by Nelly’s interest in bringing more of her favorite Richmond artists to the show and my interest in collaborating with both Subterranea and Good Day, it made sense to tackle shooting four episodes in a single day on location in Richmond. It was an exhausting 16 hours of shooting, but it was an amazing experience and has yielded some of the best and most diverse performances of the show.

    Michele’s music combines elements of idm, sampling, sound design, ambient, and experimental film.
Her work isn’t fully experienced without the visual elements that she controls dynamically throughout her musical performance. So much of her work is built around everyday sights and sounds, things she can assemble and build from her surroundings. Lights passing on her ceiling form loosely defined shapes on her screen, the sounds of rustling sheets are deconstructed into soundscapes in her software. Her performance is at once filled with organic and familiar moods as well as completely strange and beautiful soundscapes. It’s a truly amazing performance, and one that can lead to a completely visceral listening experience.
    Follow Michele’s many artistic ventures through her website, and her music at her soundcloud.”

Last year photographer/videographer Jeff Yu asked to use some of my music for a fashion event with izzue and Tsinghua University. They’ve used my song “Travels Above” for this year’s promo video with their judges. I’m making some new music specifically for their event this month and will share them when they are completed. For the meantime check out this video:

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